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The New DNA of HR- Turning insight into practice

The 2017 MCT HR Conference will give HR professionals a practical roadmap for re-imagining the role of HR in the new world of organisations – and a clear sense of what steps can be taken now to become the HR that will make a useful contribution in the futureThe conference will have some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners exploring:

•    The changing boundaries and priorities of what it means to be a business or organisation… institutions need to embrace the shift to world of strengths and abundance; this means letting go of the need to carefully control internal resources and instead seek to embrace knowledge and ability wherever it exists – and that will often be outside of the formal limits of the organisation. The question to ask: How does your organisation become the destination hub for anyone active in your sector?

•    The changing nature of human understanding and consciousness and what it means to have a fulfilling life… organisations have been set up to socialise people, to encourage standardised behaviours, to make co-ordination effective; now organisations need to support people as they step into becoming more self-authoring, more personally involved and accountable for their lives and the contribution they make to the world. The question to ask: How does your organisation support people to step into a world of self-knowledge and self-responsibility?

•    The changing role of data and its availability for everyone to make use of in the moment… information has always been about power and only now can the power of information be spread throughout an organisation, giving people that most basic of tools, data, which will allow them to make informed choices and decisions. Alongside this will be the shift from data in the service of compliance to data in the service of learning .The question to ask: What will it take for your organisation to unlock the potential of personalised performance data that supports real-time learning?

•    The changing nature and purpose of management and what management development needs to look like… in a world where self-management and self-organisation are essential skills, management development must have these principles embedded into how they are approached. Self-organisation cannot be taught in a classroom, following the instructions of a teacher! The question to ask: How can self-directed learning be supported, without that support undermining the principle of self-direction?•    The changing principles that guide the design of organisational infrastructure… in a world of fluid contracts and extended networks an organisations infrastructure, in terms of policies, procedures ad technology, needs to be easy to engage with.

It also needs to be adaptable and scalable to fit with the requirements of a formal and informal workforce whose priorities will be highly individual. The expectation will be that an institution’s infrastructure will be intuitive, flexible and adaptive to the needs of a diverse community of practice.

The question to ask: How can the HR infrastructure become part of what attracts people to engage with an organisation?To go alongside these world leading insights and ideas, conference participants will be given the opportunity to create scenarios of their own, exploring what the future of their organisations might be and what the future of HR might look like. Participants will also be supported in thinking through what practical steps they can take when they return to their organisation after the conference. MCT consultants will be on hand to run Action Learning Sets throughout the conference, facilitating self-organising groups who want to turn personal insight into organisational action. An MCT Scenario Handbook will also be provided to everyone – to support their own scenario building process.The benefits of attending the 2017 MCT HR Conference:

•    Practical knowledge of the macro-trends impacting on all aspects of organisational life – and especially the changing contract between people, communities and organisations
•    Insights into the range of possible futures available to HR within the specific context of participants own organisation
•    Supported development of personal plans and next steps


How can HR lead by creating smarter organizations

Tanyer Sönmezer trained in mechanical engineering at Middle East Technical University, but he never practiced his profession. After receiving an MBA and a master's degree in marketing, he attended several training programs, such as "Effective Management of Boards of Directors" at HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL, "Leadership" at the OXFORD LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE, "Innovation" at MIT, and "Change Management" at STANFORD. However, he is a CONSULTANT who has learned about life working at a FUN FAIR. His roles as chef, magician, pilot, photographer, and conference speaker aside, he prefers to be an ordinary HERO for those he loves. Sönmezer is the CEO of the Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) Group.

He wrote two best-selling books: ‘’Yöneticinin Sırt Çantası” (Backpack of a Manager) and “Yöneticinin Beslenme Çantası” (Lunch Box of a Manager).

Tanyer Sönmezer

Moving beyond organisation silos and creating constructive connection

Sercan Çelebi graduated from Yale University, Economic and International Studies, and started his carrier at McKinsey & Company at US. After his investment and production experience at Zorkun Agricultureal Enterprises in İzmir, he worked as Jr. Engagement Manager in McKinsey and Company İstanbul. And then he worked as Director of Business Development at MetCap Energy Investments, Managing Partner at Terra Agribusiness Soutions, COO at Studyo Group of Companies.

In 2013, he launched Vote and Beyond as Turkey's first and only civic domestic election monitoring organization, which for the general elections on June 7th mobilized over 50,000 volunteers to ensure transparency and rule of law on election day across 46 provinces of Turkey.

Sercan Çelebi

Enabling a culture of courageous experimentation

An Coppens is the Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation Ltd, which offers gamification design services based and online learning programs.

She holds a BA (Hon) in International Marketing and languages from Dublin City University and an MBA from the Open University Business School in the UK. She holds a gamification master qualification from the Engagement Alliance. She starts 2015 listed as number 6 on the Gamification Gurus leader board globally.

Coppens is an award winning business coach, learning & development professional, author and speaker. She is a prolific blogger on gamification through She is the author of ‘Leading the boss in the mirror’. Her second book “Attracting IT graduates to your business”. Her 3rd book called “Gamification in business”.

An Coppens

Enabling a culture of courageous experimentation

Steve Chapman is fascinated by human beings, before becoming an independent consultant, speaker, writer and coach he spent over 20 years in the corporate world, his last role being Director of Leadership and Organisation Development for a large global blue chip.

Chapman holds an MSc with distinction in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School where he returns as visiting faculty to talk about organisational change, creativity and innovation. He is also visiting faculty at the Metanoia Institute for their Masters in Gestalt Informed Organisation Development programme. He is a graduate of the esteemed NTL Organisation Development Programme and also a qualified coach, specialising in facilitating 1:1 “Creative Adventures” for Executives.

He is the author of “Can Scorpions Smoke? Creative Adventures in the Corporate World”. 

Steve Chapman

Moving beyond organizastion silos and creating constructive connection

Robert Poynton studied Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford and worked in advertising in London, Madrid and Buenos Aires. He helped set up a global consultancy where he worked on fascinating stuff like Star Wars, Wired Magazine and the launch of GM's electric car the EV1 in Argentina.

Poynton led to the creation of On Your Feet, another little consultancy which uses ideas and approaches from improv theatre to work with business and organisations (like Nike, Disney and Intel). He has written two books about this work - “Do Improvise” and “Everything’s an Offer”.

Since 2002 he has been using experiential methods (including improv) in leadership education at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School, where he is Associate Fellow. He also helps to shape and run the Praxis Forum Research Centre at Oxford. 

Robert Poynton

Understanding the future of work and HR trends for the next decade

Prior to getting her PhD, Christine Porath worked at International Management Group, a leading sports management and marketing firm. She received her PhD from the Flagler Business School of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Porath completed her undergraduate studies in economics at Phi Beta Kappa College of the Holy Cross and currently is an associate professor at Georgetown Univeristy's McDonough School of Business.
Porath, who is the co-author of the book "The Cost of Bad Behavior," frequently speaks and delivers workshops for organizations and conferences. In addition to training executives through programs targeting higher executives at Georgetown, Porath has led training programs at Panasonic, Booz Allen Hamilton, Prudential, Nextel, Telvent, Alion, and Medifast. She has also trained chief learning officers as part of Harvard’s Learning Innovations Laboratory (LILA) program.

Christine Porath

How to connect HR goals to your business strategy with big data

A globally recognized educator, adviser, author and speaker, Steven D’Souza has taught at the Harvard Kennedy School and London Business School. He is an Associate Professor at IE Business School and has taught on IE programs in partnership with Chicago Booth GSB and Brown University.

D’Souza became vice president in an investment bank before he was 30. He is the author of ‘’Made in Britain’’ (with Patrick Clarke); ‘’Brilliant Networking’’; and the bestselling, ‘’Not Knowing’’ (with Diana Renner) which won the Chartered Management Institute’s ‘Management and Leadership Book of the Year’ in 2015. 

Steven D'Souza

How can HR lead by creating smarter organizations

After DEA in decision analysis and organizational sociology in Paris Institute of Political Science, Yves Morieux completed his Ph.D. in industrial marketing at University of Strathclyde. He joined BCG in 1995 in the Paris office, transferred to Mumbai in 2012 and is now based in the Washington DC office.

He is a BCG Fellow and director of the Institute for Organization where he created BCG's new approach to the management of complexity (Smart Simplicity ©).

Morieux has advised more than 500. Turning these insights into practice with the ‘’Six Simple Rules of Smart Simplicity’’, he has helped CEOs with their most critical challenges.

Yves Morieux
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